Sexy. Clean. Smart. Integrated. You want it all. Not a bike with a gas tank tacked on—a truly innovative electric bike with the soul of a commuter and the heart of a sports car. The Turbo. You like to think all those people are looking at you, breezing down the street on your way to work, but you know deep down, it’s the bike. It turns heads whenever it rolls by with its speed, agility and downright sexiness. Turbo. It’s you, only faster.

View the TURBO family below.  For complete model specs and info – CLICK HERE

2018 Turbo Vado 3.0

MSRP: $3,200
Gerk’s Price – $3,200

2018 Turbo Levo FSR Comp

MSRP: $5,500
Gerk’s Price – $5,500

2018 Turbo Como

Como 2.0: $2,800
Como 3.0: $3,200