Having a professional bike fit is critical to receiving the most out of your cycling experience. Every cyclist, from the first time novice to a professional racer can benefit from proper positioning on their bicycle to optimize comfort and efficiency. Here at Gerk’s we utilize the Body Geometry Fit method developed by Specialized and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Additionally, we are aided by the DATA dual angle video capture system featuring cutting edge software designed specifically for bike fitting. This fit system combines dynamic fitting with a careful assessment of the rider’s bio-mechanics, cycling goals, and individual needs to achieve their ideal position on the bike.


When you schedule a fit at Gerk’s you are committing to the most advanced bike fit available outside of a clinical setting. We genuinely care about your needs as a cyclist and because bike fitting requires an in-depth understanding of your unique physical characteristics, we begin every bike fit with a detailed pre-fit assessment. During this evaluation we discuss your goals, injury history, and expectations to ensure that we approach your fit experience correctly. We will also use flexibility and strength assessments to gather the information we need and determine what positions on the bike are possible and appropriate for you. Upon completion of the pre-fit assessment we will begin finding the proper position on your bike that will increase your efficiency, power, and comfort. A BG Fit at Gerk’s focuses on placing the rider in a neutral position that allows adaptation to any terrain you may encounter and ensures ideal alignment through the pedal stroke. Using the information gathered in the assessment we are able to fit your bike in accordance with your individual bio-mechanics and needs. The DATA video system further allows us to analyze each part of your pedal stroke and provides a visual reference of improvements for the rider. Because proper bike fitting relies on 3-D alignment through the pedal stroke, we will complete your fit by finding the ideal foot, knee, and hip placement throughout your pedal stroke. What separates a BG Fit at Gerk’s from many other fit methods is the understanding of your body gathered in the assessment. With this information we can ensure that any correction we apply is appropriate and beneficial and the potential for injury is minimized. During your fit it may be necessary to replace certain components or equipment to achieve optimal results. A fit is also the perfect time to replace worn items like cleats and pedals, or upgrade to a higher end component like a carbon bar.


Be One With Your Bike